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Visit Peyia's subtropical banana plantations - the biggest ones in Cyprus.

Peyia is a municipality of the district of Paphos and has approximately 10 000 inhabitants. It is built on a hillside at an altitude of 200 metres which offers panoramic views both to the west coast of the island and toward the centre of Paphos. Peyia is only 15 km from the centre of Paphos and close to the stunning peninsula of Akamas. The village was founded during the Venetian Era but findings suggest that people were living there since the Copper Age. Peyia is famous for its banana plantations - the biggest ones in Cyprus. Citrus fruit, vineyards, almond, carob and olive trees are also cultivated there. In the last few years the Festival of Carobs is organised in Peyia every year during which one can try products made of carob, listen to traditional music and have fun.

Banana plantations, as well as growing the fruit, may also package, process, and ship their product directly from the plantation to worldwide markets. Depending on the scope of the operation, a plantation's size may vary from a small family farm operation to a corporate facility encompassing large tracts of land, multiple physical plants, and many employees.

Production-related activities on a plantation may include cultivating and harvesting the fruit, transporting the picked bunches to a packing shed, hanging to ripen in large bunches, dividing large bunches into smaller market-friendly bunches, sorting, labeling, washing, drying, packing, boxing, storing, refrigeration, shipping, and marketing. Depending on the scope of the operation, other activities may include drying, food preparation, tourism, and market research.